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  1. Get some exercise.  Walk to your Co-op
  2. Save Money On Gas
  3. Support local, small scale farming
  4. Ownership in your community co-op
  5. Encourage sound ecological practices
  6. Learn about health and nutrition through newsletter articles, classes, and mutual exchange
  7. In addition to all of the above,  Member-Owners  have the right to vote at all membership meetings, run for the Board, and serve on committees


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You may wonder “what’s in it for me?” Your greatest benefit is a community owned market and café that exists to serve your needs. The “Why” is that it will only happen with your support. Co-ops exist to serve the needs of their member-owners and they are capitalized by these members. Cooperatives enhance and protect the local economy. When the store opens, other benefits will be evident.  Your initial  equity investment of $100 may earn you the right, as a member-owner, to receive a patronage dividend from the profits earned on the money you spend in the store, for the life of your membership. Click on the PMCC Member Agreement link below on how to join us today!

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Become A Member-Owner Today! Download the Member-Ownership Agreement to Get Started Now!

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PMCC Member Owner Agreement


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